Art Galleries in Fredericton – Artist Angel Mena Terry is originally from Havana, Cuba. Angel is a self-taught painter and photographer. He holds engineering and Master of Science degrees in Cartography from the NIIGAiK Institute of Novosibirsk in Siberia, Russia where he spent five years before returning to Cuba. He immigrated to Canada in 1995, bringing with him tropical colours which he introduces to otherwise peaceful Canadian scenes.
He began expressing himself artistically through photography, by which he sharpened his eye for composition and colour. He was awarded the 2006 Greater Fredericton Tourism Association Award for his artistic photography. Photography remains a part of his life, but painting has become his main passion.
Angel’s distinctive style is characterized by whimsical shapes, large and fast brushstrokes, and vibrant bold colours that are rarely blended. Whether it’s a bold accent piece in a neutrally decorated room or another splash of colour in a vibrant room, his enchanting works of art always please.
Angel settled in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1998. In 2013, he opened his home studio where his most recent pieces can be viewed.



Gallery78 group exhibit 2009 – Art Galleries in Fredericton

Angel TERRY works were displayed at Canada’s renowned Gallery78 in Fredericton in the summer and fall of 2009.

In Happy Colours2011 solo exhibit

In May of 2011, Angel TERRY conducted a 4-day self-promoted Solo Exhibit at the Fredericton Inn, Fredericton, Canada, where he introduced his work to his home town. The showing was a delightful success.

Fredericton Society of Artists spring 2011 group exhibit and fall 2011 group exhibit.

Angel TERRY was proud to present his work along with fellow Fredericton artists during the group exhibits at the Fredericton Inn in May, 2011 and at the University of New Brunswick Arts Center, Canada in November, 2011.

State of Love 2012 solo exhibit

In the fall of 2012, Angel TERRY’s self-promoted solo exhibit was presented at the Fredericton Convention Centre, Canada in October, 2012 and at the Delta Brunswick, Saint John, Canada in November 2012. Each exhibit featured vibrant pieces depicting the host city.

Familiar Faces Solo Exhibit at the Cedar Tree Café, Fredericton, Canada

Angel TERRY was pleased to showcase his portraits of known personalities from May to August, 2013 in a trendy Fredericton cafe. The character types were wide-ranging, including historical political figure heads, recognisable visual artists, as well as La Catrina, the fictional Mexican figure depicting death. The popular cafe was transformed by these striking portraits observing the patrons.

Around Solo Exhibit at the Cedar Tree Café, Fredericton, Canada

Angel TERRY was proud to be invited once again to exhibit at the Cedar Tree Café in the fall of 2013. This time, he featured his newest landscapes scenes which can still be viewed at the downtown cafe.

Home studio solo exhibit opened in the fall of 2013

Angel TERRY art worked can be viewed upon appointment at his home studio in Fredericton, Canada.